After a meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the city lawyers of Chicago demanded that the Laquan McDonald family bury the video of the Chicago police officer killing their son.

Mayor Emanuel said that he was briefed “towards the end of March” by Chicago’s corporation counsel, Stephen Patton, about what the dashboard camera video showed and the proposed $5 million  settlement with the McDonald family. After that, Thomas Platt, Patton’s right hand, drafted a settlement to keep the dashboard camera video buried for at least several years, according to emails obtained by The Daily Beast.

Attorney for the McDonald estate, Michael Robbins, was unwilling to accept that, ” The provision as drafted, that maintain the confidentiality, of the materials–principally the dash cam video– until the criminal charges are concluded, which could be in effect for years, is entirely unreasonable”, in a message he wrote to Pratt. “Nor any such broad sweeping confidentiality provision discussed during our meetings”.

“I’ll call you,” was the response Platt had for Robbins.

This just so happened to be taking place around the time Emmanuel was running for re-election. Emmanuel has maintained to this day that he never seen the dash cam video of McDonald’s death but emails prove that mayor knew exactly what was on the tape when the city lawyers negotiated a deal to delay the release. The McDonald estate agreed to keep the video hidden the only revision they had to the deal was the deletion of the line that they agreed that the releasing of the video would be harmful to other criminal investigations.

There was a lot of funny business involving money, politics, greed and reputation surrounding the release of the McDonald dash cam video. This may be the real reason why the video wasn’t made public until a whole year after the fact.

Source: The Daily Beast

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