J. Cole has created an experience. His campaign for 2014 Forest Hills Drive comes together at the end for a Homecoming film that is truly one of a kind. With a vision to change concert footage forever, Dreamville has once again left their mark. J. Cole not only takes us into his home but he takes us into the whole culture of Fayetteville. J. Cole has always been a man of the people. He’s shown over and over again that the people are his focus. From shows that only cost a dollar to endless free music, Cole World can always count on him providing them with something special.

The dream started in a small town but it’s now a dream that has touched the nation. As the Homecoming film begins we see that the city where it all started is still J. Cole’s strongest fan base. He’s shown so much love for his home and they pay it back tenfold. Selling out the Crown Coliseum as a hip-hop artist was the ultimate show of love from his city. What an amazing feel it has to be to travel the world and come home to receive the most love. Through it all, he’s shared his story with us, not being afraid to give us all the emotions that come with it. The Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming Concert gives us the rare perspective of what it was like for him to leave his town only to appreciate it even more. In a town where it’s almost taboo to have dreams, he’s able to stand out as a leader. In an environment where nobody sees a way out, he was able to show them that anything is possible. Artists are always happy to rep their hometowns but he’s not just a representative. J. Cole is still a thriving member of the community. Every generation from the old heads to the kids on the street are familiar with J. Cole and what he stands for.

In the Homecoming film, not only do we get to see the concert that will go down in history but we also get a brief documentary. Spending most of his driving around the city, Cole opens up about what it was like growing up and his reasons for wanting to leave. He gives us the city from all angles. It’s nice to see that he is able to connect with people from all walks of life. The story was less about Cole and more about Fayetteville. There’s a culture there that many people don’t know about it and he’s doing what he can to give them recognition. The people there now have something to be proud of. They have a hope that wasn’t there before. An artist with all that power who is so relatable is special to see. During the concert, his conversations with the crowd were intimate and personal. He’s been able to remain connected with the people as if he still lived there.

The Forest Hills Drive Homecoming was a dream brought to life. He gave us his vision and allowed the world to realize his dream along with him. The album carries so much meaning when you learn the story. He gave the music new life and was able to give the people hope. It’s great to see artists connect with people even when their at the peak of their careers. His message of staying focused on the dream over anything is a valuable lesson. The film is not only inspiring but it’s a celebration of all the wins J. Cole has been able to achieve.

J. Cole Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming – Trailer (HBO) from HBO on Vimeo.

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