It’s good to know that Nicki Minaj is an ordinary person and spends her weekends off binge-watching reality TV. In the past we’ve heard her name drop Momma Dee from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” on a song and quote “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks on twitter, so it should come as no surprise Nicki found herself binge watching “Teen Mom: OG” on MTV this weekend.

While watching, Nicki Minaj found herself involved in a Twitter beef with “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham after the rapper tweeted her thoughts on the way Farrah treated her mom on the show. While Farrah and her mother have had many funds on the show going back to her “16 & Pregnant” days, the incident that likely sparked Nicki’s observation was from a recent episode of “Teen Mom OG,” where after a fight about watching her daughter, Sophia, Farrah told her mother Debra, “Somebody who is blind and I could just pay, could [babysit] better than you.” Nicki was not here for the disrespect.

After catching wind of Nicki’s tweets, Farrah accused Nicki’s videos of looking like porn. Nicki quickly clapped back at Farrah, who did do porn a couple years ago (and was reportedly temporarily fired from Teen Mom because of it) and the rest was Twitter history, see the exchange below.

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