Wack 100, The Game’s manager, may have literally knocked some sense into Stitches. It is reported that Wack is now representing Stitches after famously punching him outside a Miami nightclub.

Wack announced the partnership via Instagram stating:

“Just got a call from a grown man on some grown man shit. Stitches under new management.”

We definitely didn’t see that one coming after beef began between Stitches and The Game. Stitches waited hours outside the club just be greeted by Wack and a one hitter. Stitches was the subject of cyber bullying led by The Game for several weeks after that.

Either Stitches saw the error of his ways or Wack is trying to avoid assault charges. Which ever side the coin falls on, it should get interesting.

Check out the Instagram post below.

#wack100 #stitches #thegame

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