Joaquin Guzman Loera notably known as ‘El Chapo,’ the sole man responsible for distributing 90% of the world’s drugs through  the Sinaloa Cartel after the reign of Pablo Esobar has been recaptured for the second time last Friday.

What a bizarre string of events…

A two part story that begins with an embellished escape last July from the second highest maximum security prison in the world to an uncanny jungle meet up with Sean Penn and the raid detailing the genius escape route to tunnel from behind a bathroom mirror continues to blow minds and now we have the footage to match. The world can vividly wrap its mind around what the ordeal was like in the 15-minute GoPro footage taken from a helmet worn by a marine and acquired by the TV network Televisa and debuted by Mexican TV show “Primero Noticias,” reported by ABC News has gone viral.

Brace yourself the whole 15-minutes is intense. El Chapo is now the world’s biggest interest as drug lord who is a living legend. With a stem of recent events like this it’s no wonder he was allegedly planning a biopic of his life while on the run as a fugitive.

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