Cleveland Cavaliers starting guard, J.R. Smith, believes the NBA officials are not fans because of his off-court resumé.  J.R. is known to be outspoken and a bit of a party animal, and he believes this is why he has not been invited to participate in the All-Star game or weekend events.

Smith told the Akron Beacon Journal:

“You know they don’t want me there. You know they don’t want me part of All-Star festivities.”

Smith is definitely talented enough to be there.  His on-the-court sheet supports that he shoots 39% from beyond the arc. With the stats to back him up as NBA’s 20th ranked three-point shooters of all time, he and his superstar teammate, Lebron James, rightfully feel that he deserves a place at the table of three-point contestants during NBA’s most lavish weekend.

Lebron didn’t hold back going on the record about his thoughts motivating a petition to get his woe the invite to Toronto this year.

“The fact that he’s second when you look at how many [instances of] eight or more 3s he’s made in a game, he’s second behind Steph now. He’s never been invited. I think I might need to start making that petition. Us being the No. 1 team in the East, him shooting the ball the way he’s been shooting it, we need to try to get as many guys to All-Star as possible. Guys know in the league he’s an unbelievable 3-point shooter and he deserves an invite.”

Lebron plays a huge force in ushering in NBA revenue as a face of All-Star Weekend. Only time will tell if he really goes through with the petition. But as a lead advocate for his teammate it’s no telling what pressure will be applied perhaps leading to the invitation Smith has awaited for years.

Do you think J.R. deserves to be included?

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