New York rappers, Papoose and Remy Ma, have shown what real “love & hip-hop” looks like in the newest season of VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop NY.”  The couple, who got married while Remy was serving seven years behind bars for an assault charge, found a way to make their marriage work. Sometimes the couple would go six months without seeing each other. Recently, after Remy was released and the couple was finally able to have a proper wedding, Papoose gave some successful tips on how to make marriage work to Essence:

Humble Yourself
I think marriage is all about sacrifice and compromise. If you really love somebody, you have to be willing to humble yourself and make a sacrifice; make a compromise for that person. I would put my wife before myself because I understand the vows that I made when I got married—I live by them.

Recognize When He’s Real
I feel his actions will definitely speak louder than his words. You will be able to see it by the way he treats you. When a man isn’t treating you right, that is definitely the first sign. Men, we sort of act out our feelings as opposed to women who communicate how they feel. Men, watch their actions more closely than their words. If he isn’t making you feel loved and making you feel appreciated, then it’s probably not there.

Let Each Other Speak
Let the other person talk. That’s what we do, we take turns speaking. When you try to speak at the same time, and you’re yelling, and your baby is yelling, in the end you don’t get anything accomplished. Take turns speaking and work it out…until there’s an end result.

No Outsiders Inside Your Marriage
If you are in a relationship with a person, it’s just you and that individual. It’s not really a 3rd or 4th body… People always have opinions, and I feel like you’ve got to keep your relationship between you and your spouse. Don’t ever allow other people come in between you.

Secure Your Own Legacy
When I was a child, there were wedding pictures on the wall of my mother and my father, so seeing that as a kid, it made me have the goal, like, one day I want to have me a wife, I want to get married. I think as parents, we have to set examples, so our kids can see that because that is one of the things that made me want to find a wife one day and settle down. All that plays a part.

This is some great advice. Do you agree with Papoose’s marriage keys?

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Source: Essence

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