Taraji P. Henson won her first Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Series on Sunday night.  The world watched as the Washington DC native epically handed out cookies to each person in her way as she made her way to the stage.  While her acceptance speech was celebrated and completely true to her “Empire” characters blunt honesty, Taraji’s shade was a little more insightful than Cookie’s.

In the speech below, Taraji pointed out how after 20 years as an actress, it took an “ex-con who sold crack for 18 years” to get her an award.  Taraji has played a distraught mother, a successful CEO, an emotional girlfriend, and pretty much every other role we can think of.  Still, the Foreign Press decided to finally give her credit after playing a character who reflects the stereotypical archetypes in the black community.

The point is, Taraji is brilliant as Cookie, but she’s been just as brilliant in other roles that reflected our community in ways that does not include a jail cell.

The same situation happened to Denzel when he won an Oscar for Best Villain in 2001 for his portrayal of a corrupt cop in “Training Day.”  As we all were reminded on Sunday night, Denzel’s career has given him the opportunity to play everything from a lawyer to an angel, and in one of his most indecent roles, the Oscar committee finally saw fit to give him an award.

While some on Twitter wondered why Denzel’s speech was “underwhelming,” as an actor who has been in this game for over four decades, this award is probably– and we’d hate to say this– a “joke.”

Have you ever watched an NBA game and noticed how a ref  will give an unnecessary “make up” call to a team after missing a foul on the other end?  The Foreign Press is the referee here, making up for the over 40 films, 7 nominations and 2 wins Denzel has received over his outstanding career.

So, next time you ask yourself why Denzel didn’t take this award too seriously, remember that the people who gave him this award probably didn’t take him that seriously during his impeccable career.

Let us know your thoughts on this, below!

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