As we have seen through various Instagram posts, DMV native Wale seems to be making himself right at home at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Wale has preformed at The White House before but President Barack Obama gave him the honor of opening up for his last State of the Union address.

Wale did this thing in hopes of getting the political crowd turnt up and ready before Obama’s speech. This not only says a lot about Wale and marks a pivotal moment in his career but it is also the first time a raper has opened up for a State of the Union Address.

Wale seemed to enjoying himself, as he should of, and even snapped a selfie with Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden. We all knew Obama was heavy within the Hiphop community but to not only have a rapper but a hometown rapper open up for your final State of the Union, something that has never been done before, Obama, you are the man.

Check out Snapchats of Wale’s performance below as well as his selfie with Jill Biden.



Source: Complex 

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