Seems like Stevie J and the Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandaz arnt as in love as we thought since we last saw them on the Love and Hiphop Atlanta Reunion stage.

According to TMZ, Stevie J is done with Joseline after she destroyed over $65k of his belongings. Joseline cut up, bleached and smashed Stevie’s belongings in an alleged jealous fit of how much time the Bad Boy producer has spent in the studio with Faith Evans.

Among the beyond salvageable items include a 10k gifted Bad Boy jacket from Diddy, $40k in clothes, $14k in Versace China, atleast 20 pairs of shoes and Christmas gifts that his chrildren have to him.

We all know what Joseline is capable of, but damn. She got mad at the man for doing his job? This just may be the most legit work Stevie J has had in a while and Joseline goes and does this. Guess we will just have to see if Stevie and Joseline are officially over or if they will find their way back to each other as they always do.

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