Kendrick Lamar is more than rap, which we all know. This video entitled Project Hero features TDE partner Jay Rock, and West Coast veteran Glasses Malone. Rock and Malone talk about their vision of bringing everyone together to be safe and healthy. Jay Rock keeps it short and sweet while saying:

“At the end of the day, we’re all pushing one thing, and that’s unity.”

The pair also converse about Kendrick’s accomplishments, Malone goes on to say:

“I remember him rapping, but he was saying some sh*t that nobody 18 was really saying at the time. I hadn’t really ever heard even any great rappers at 18 saying the sh*t he was saying.”

Jay Rock adds:

“Fearless, that’s how I can describe my little brother. With all the things that’s going on in our society today with our sisters and brothers being killed, Kendrick Lamar, he has stood up for peace and love in our community.”

The short video features Kendrick’s new Reebok sneaker, which symbolizes unity, peace, and love. The sneakers drop January 16th.

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