Just one full day after Kanye released “No More Parties In L.A”, Kanye took to Twitter with a message from Yasiin Bey, who we all know as Mos Def.

The audio message was posted on Kanye’s website. The audio message was Yasiin phoning in to Kanye freestyling to “No More Parties In L.A” except his was changed to “S.A”‘standing for South Africa.

The new title stems from Yasiin’s recent legal troubles in South Africa. He was recently arrested in Capetown for trying to leave the country on an illegal “World Passport” document.

Yasiin appeared in court and he and his family were given 14 days to leave the Republic even though he and his family had been living there. The court said they were living there “without the necessary permits” and have overstayed their welcome. In this freestyle, Yasiin gave his side of the story.

The freestyle ends with Yasiin rapping versus he spit for Kanye ruff before Nori was born. In addition the freestyle, Yasiin announced a retirement from music and Hollywood, effective immediately, upon the release of his final album this year.



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