As of January 2016, everyone and their mother has seen the latest Rocky installment, ‘Creed.” (If you haven’t, please drop everything you’re doing and go handle that!) The film earned 93% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and earned 115.9 million at the box office, three times its production budget. So, it came as a surprise when director Ryan Coogler, lead actor Michael B. Jordan and the film didn’t get nominated at the 2016 Golden Globes. However, Sylvester Stallone got nominated and won for best supporting actor in a motion picture. We’ll take it!

Although Sly forgetting to thank Coogler and Jordan in his acceptance speech and the Oscar snubs caused an uproar on social media, awards seem to be the least of their worries. They’re busy planning for what’s next.

Journalist Rembert Browne sat down with the guys last month to discuss how they brought Rocky back to life for millennials and faithful fans, the current state of cinema and so much more. Throughout the interview, MBJ and Coogler shared how they were ready to use their new power to create movies we don’t see in the theaters today. Here are a few gems dropped throughout the interview:

“You got to tell stories in today, or in the future, or can we go back even further? There’s always one period that people want to go back to, but can we go back to Hannibal? Or Mansa Musa, destroying economies as he traveled? Can we go back to the Egyptians?” -MBJ

“The majority of roles out there are written not by us. So if most writers only interaction with someone who looks like me is from stereotypes, what you see on TV, then those are the types of roles that are going to keep getting written.” -MBJ

“Black art, it’s so complicated. Because there is no white art because, whether people want to admit it or not, you know, in this country, in this culture, white is seen as the norm. Because there’s no need to identify it as anything, it’s looked at as standard. Which, if you compare and contrast that, there’s an inherent unfairness to it.” -RC

Ryan Coogler recently announced he will direct Marvel’s “Black Panther”, starring Chadwick Boseman, in theaters February 2018. Michael B Jordan will star in Just Mercy, based on Bryan Stevenson’s 2014 memoir, as a civil-rights lawyer fighting to free a death-row prisoner. The duo plans to team up soon for Wrong Answer, the true story of an Atlanta schoolteacher ensnared in a standardized-test cheating scandal.

Read the entire article over on Vulture on in the January issue of New York Magazine.

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