Philadelphia rapper, Meek Mill just can’t seem to stay out of controversy . After releasing his EP, 4-4  and dissing, 50 cent on the song, “Gave Em Hope”, Meek was given yet another “L” as 50 cent unleashed a bunch of insulting meme’s and pictures targeting Meek on Martin Luther King weekend.

But Meek Mill was able to find a silver lining in this “Instagram beef”. Inspired by a fans tweet to him, Meek Mill said he would donate $50,000 to water for Flint, MI. and challenged 50 cent and other rappers to match him. While it is not yet known if 50 cent met his challenge, Meek’s donation contributed to 60,000 bottles of water to Flint, MI.

Good job Meek!

Blameebro_Meek Mill


About The Author Erikka

Erikka is a NYC transplant by way of Philadelphia. She’s a writer and media personality for The Radio Failed Podcast and has interviewed artists such as Mickey Factz, Dee1, and more!

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