Tyga has a theory as to why he keeps getting caught in controversy after controversy. His explanation— the media is out to get him.

Tyga had been doing tons of promotion lately to support his latest single “Baller Alert”. While at Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5, the conversation quickly changed to all the controversy surrounding him. He was asked about the 14-year old aspiring singer who’s DM’s he was in and his alleged relationship with a transgender actress. Tyga basically summed that all up to the media and publications flipping stories to make him look bad.

“It’s messing up my formula, my main plan and my goals” said Tyga. ” I was like damn. Who’s making this shit up, like somebody really has something against me up top somewhere. It’s entertainment, it’s clicks.”

When asked about his relationship with Kylie, he said that weather or not they are actually together, they will always be good. Tyga seems to be keeping pretty positive about everything and remains persistent. Hopefully 2016 will be better to him than 2015.


Source: Complex

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