In case you missed it, last week Lecrae dropped his third installment with mixtape, “Church Clothes 3.” Whether pigeonholed as a Christian rapper or social activist – Lecrae spits bars in ten fluid tracks with features from E-40, Propaganda, and more. The project encompasses Lecrae’s notable sound plus more – a diverse range of beats and tone accompanied by lyrical content that touches on the deepest of matter. The blend of catchy production keeps him on par with his peers, yet with such an array of lyrical content Lecrae is more than just a “conscious rapper.”

As seen from the short film below, “Church Clothes 3” reads as a story full of chapters both grim and positive. Standout records like, “Gangland (ft. Propaganda)” include social commentary on the truths inside institutional racism, prison pipelines, and gangs – “They say that Crip stands for Community, Revolutionary Interparty Service.” Yet as seen through the film, Lecrae rounds out all his messages for all listeners instilling both a call to action and optimistic beliefs.

You can stream “Church Clothes 3’ here and can catch Lecrae live at his newly announced, Higher Learning tour beginning this February!



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