Flint Michigan’s water crisis is now everyone’s problem.

The midwestern city has battled lead contamination in their water since April of 2014. The epidemic recently became a State of Emergency bringing it to the forefront of national news. Lead poison is not only detrimental to the human body but especially to the neurological development of children and fetuses.

Since the news broke Michigan native and Detroit rapper Big Sean made it his responsibility to be apart of the solution. In efforts to aid all the children of Flint he’s launched a campaign called #HealFlintKids starting the program off with $10,000. The initiative will benefit the Community Foundation of Greater Flint Michigan’s Flint Child Health & Development Fund.

The problem began when Flint changed it’s water source from Detroit water to the Flint river in an effort to save money. Since then it has affected over 8,657 children who have contacted lead in what will be going on two years this April.

Big Sean expressed his melancholy sentiment in a press release saying:

“I am devastated by the water crisis that has put the entire city of Flint in a state of emergency,” he said. “In recognizing the great work that the Community Foundation of Greater Flint Michigan has been doing, it is my hope we can help by raising the money needed to ensure that the children who have been hit the hardest receive the care that they need today and well into the future.”

The prominent rapper is not the only one making it his business to lend a helping hand. Philly rapper, Meek Mill joined the cause by donating $60,000 bottles of water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

Now is the time to act and act quickly. Rick Snyder, Michigan governor held a State of the State address to discuss the timeline and plan moving forward in resolving the water crisis for good.

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