A 16 year old black girl was found dead while in police custody and a community is left without answers.

CBS News reports that, Gynnya McMillen was found unresponsive in her cell the morning of Jan 11th, less than 24 hours after she was taken into police custody. The specifics as why she arrested has not been released. All that has been released was that police where called to McMillen’s home because of a “domestic dispute”.

She was detained at the Lincoln Village Detention Center and placed in a cell by herself. It is still unclear as to why she was in a cell by herself and if she was checked on throughout the night.

A autopsy is currently underway but Kentucky state trooper Jeff Gregory told CBS News that it didn’t appear she committed suicide or was a victim of homicide.

In a Facebook group titled “Justice For Gynnya McMillen”, her unidentified sister stated, “We deserve to know what happened to her. And if there is nothing to hide, there’s no real reason why our questions should be unanswered.”

Source: Essence

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