Remember Young B of “Chicken Noodle Soup” fame? She’s joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop season 6, her goal is to shred her “young” image from the ’00s and introduce the world to Bianca, the MC.

Last year, Bianca filed suit against her former manager Arthur Smith in New York Court after Bianca claimed Smith tried to extort her once he learned she was appearing on the show. She explained that she signed a deal with Smith’s label in 2006 that gave the company the exclusive rights to her figure and likeness. She also stated in the suit that during filming last year, producers informed her that she would be cut from the show if she didn’t settle the suit, so she filed suit against Smith and was capable to resume filming.

The Jasmine Brand reports that Smith is suing VH1 and the producers of Love & Hip Hop in federal court demanding that Bianca be removed from the show. Smith is also suing for $2 million in damages for Bianca being on the show.

The rapper accused Smith of attempting to muscle his way back into her career by attempting to enforce a provision in the expired record deal. Smith believes VH1 is profiting off Bianca despite a legally binding arrangement between his company and the rapper.

Source: The Jasmine Brand

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