Chingy found himself back in this spotlight this weekend after he went to Twitter to endorse Donald Trump‘s presidential dreams:

“Politics vs society. People should innerstand that politics is a business jus like the job you work at. I vote for @realDonaldTrump “YEP” 3. [Donald Trump] knows how to conduct business. This country is a business an needs to be ran by a businessman. It’s not personal people!”

Fans had laid into Chingy’s mentions, even going so far as saying he had lost his Black card, and that he should just worry about his raps instead of campaigning for somebody like Demon Donald Trump, prompting Chingy to change his tune.

I’m pretty sure someone linked Chingy to some important information, because a short time later he followed up with tweets and a YouTube video titled “I DO NOT endorse Donald Trump,” to voice that his words were “taken out of context.”

“I didn’t know about some of the negative things he had to say about some of the races out here and about the hip-hop community. I didn’t know a lot of the negative things, I was kind of commenting off reading that article and reading some of the good things that he said, so that’s kind of where my comments came from.
Every now and then I see some of it on TV. I’m not familiar with exactly how it’s going down. And that’s another reason why I didn’t know a lot of the negative things he said. Like a lot of people comparing him to Hilter and stuff and a lot of those things, I didn’t know these things. So when I seen the good he said, I was like, Oh that’s cool that Donald Trump be trying to do that.”

I think the lesson here is research… With the presidential race season upon us, it’s important to look up each candidate, especially BEFORE you publicly endorse them, because seriously… Who really wants Trump in office?

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