Gianni Graham had one New Year’s resolution and that was to collect 1,000 Barbie dolls for 1,000 girls in foster homes and shelters. The Norfolk Virginia child who has a heart of gold spoke with local Virginia news station WTKR about her goal. Gianni knows that food and clothes are just as important to girls her age as well. “I feel like girls in shelters should have the same as girls not in shelters,” Gianni told the news station. Wanting to inspire and give encouragement to young girls Gianni even added her own Christmas dolls to the mix.

Whitney Graham, Gianni’s mom, said that the young girl came up with the idea a few days after Christmas while playing with her own dolls. “Gianni explained to me that the Barbie can be a friend to the young girls when they feel that they have no one to talk to,” Graham told the HuffPost.

But the giving dont stop there, Gianni has a website where others can join in, check here for how you can join here movement.

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