The Kardashian ‘frienemy’ situation with besties Amber Rose and Blac Chyna has become full circle with everyone watching!

It all connected when Amber Rose was exposed for following Scott Disick on Instagram at the same time that Blac Chyna was allegedly photo’d boo’d up with Rob Kardashian.

Rob has been made out to be the black sheep of his family for the past few years and Blac Chyna plays the estranged ex-bff of Kim by way of her little sister Kylie. Things took a unwarranted turn when the loner brother found comfort in what was allegedly his arm around the former stripper.


The beginning ☘

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His little sister Kylie immediately caught wind of it and hit a post and delete of a ‘devil-like’ drawing she referenced as Rob… Inquiring minds have a hunch as to her motivate in labeling her brother as such an awful creature.


The plot only thickened when the most opinionated Kardashian sister shared an interjection of her own. Khloe stepped into ‘shade central’ for her sentiment on the three ring circus.

She didn’t admit that she was in fact calling her brother out so for obvious reasons we’ll leave it open ended…. Once blogs tried to run with the story Miss Kardashian wasted no time cleaning up the chaos she became a fourth party to by continuing to say: 

    Thus Amber following Scott only added insult to injury. The trollers of IG wasted no time in calling Amber out to be “petty” for her messy and untimely follow to Scott. However she quickly inserted that there was no malice admitting to simply being a fan of Scott’s. The claim was then supported by a video that authenticates her story of no ill will. Amber partied with Scott over the weekend along side of French Montana and CB in Vegas.     These are the kinds of instances that typically happen in real life. As you meet and get to know new people you add them to your network on social media.. So one can only conclude that the celebrity world is only but so big and that the same instances are bound to happen… No harm there, right?

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