Khloé Kardashian could arguably be the best estranged wife of all time *Kanye voice*. According to multiple sources, Khloé leased a house in Calabasas, Calif. for Lamar Odom, only blocks away from hers.

Back in October, Lamar suffered multiple health scares and risks as a result of his brothel incident, but throughout it all, Khloé vowed to stay by his side. With minimal family support, she and her family are all that Lamar has. And regardless of relationship status, in November on Ellen, Khloé explained that she will always support Lamar and expressed her love for him.

“But I love him and I always will, and he’s a fantastic person who deserves support and love and for someone to be by his side, and for me I’m that to him,” said Khloé. “And thank God I have a fantastic family who loves me and loves him just as much. And they’re so supportive and they’re with me and I have a great boyfriend who’s understanding.”

As part of Khloé supporting Lamar, the house was leased in Khloé’s name, partly because Lamar is still recovering and in no shape to sign contracts, or make such major legal decisions for himself. The home is reported to be in The Oaks, an exclusive gated community.

Aside from assisting Lamar, Khloé is currently dating NBA star, James Harden of the Houston Rockets. She even joked about the dynamic of still, technically, being married to Lamar, while dating James while she was on Ellen as well.

I’m just gonna say I’m like part of Polygamy now. I have a husband. I have a boyfriend. That’s a way easier thing to say. Right?”

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Source: TMZ



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