As Future said, “You do what you want when you poppin,” and according to his latest move, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is feeling himself. Yesterday, Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen announced that he orchestrated the idea behind “Bernie’s Yearning,” an ice cream flavor named in honor of the DNC frontrunner himself.

Though Sanders himself has no affiliation to the ice cream franchise, “Bernie’s Yearning” is not just a new ice cream flavor, but a metaphor for the economic status of citizens in this country. As great as that sounds, food with meaning, unfortunately, it comes with eating directions.

The ice cream consists of a pint of plain mint ice cream underneath a bed of solid chocolate. According to Refinery29, the chocolate represents the top 1% that has benefited from the end of the recession, and the mint ice cream is everyone else.

According to the directions on the packaging, you’re supposed to break the solid chocolate with your spoon, mix it with the mint ice cream, and share it with “your fellow Americans.”

If only problems were that easy to fix. Oh, Bernie.

BlameEbro_Bernie Sanders Ice Cream


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Source: Refinery29


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