During an interview with Los Angles’ Real 92.3, Tyga revealed that it was Kanye West who was responsible for squashing the beef between Tyga and Drake. It was Kanye who brought the two together and served as a mediator. It was then, on sight, the two squashed the beef and became cool again.

While Tyga is cool with Drake again, the beef between Drake and Chris is still alive and well. Tyga, being friends with Chris and cool with Drake again, he remains optimistic that the two can call it truths at some point.

In addition to the speaking the multiple beefs with Drake, Tyga was asked about how he felt during the Birdman and Lil Wayne beef. Tyga said he chose not to get involved and just watched it all play out. When asked if the split would have affected him, Tyga said he would have been fine, how he makes his money is how he makes his money.

REAL 92.3 was live tweeting during the interview but it was one thing they did that Tyga didn’t appreciate, they live tweeted that Tyga was on Kanye’s new album WAVES. Tyga then tweeted the station, that if they are going to quote him, quote him correctly.

 Source: Complex 

Watch the complete interview below.

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