The new workout plan! It seems that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have been hitting the gym together.  Reportedly, Blac Chyna’s personal trainer, Chris Jinna has created a fitness and health plan for the couple. Trainer Chris Jinna has confirmed that he is  helping the couple live a healthier lifestyle.

“[She came to me] recently, maybe a week ago. She just asked some type of tips for Rob, to get him a meal plan. So I created a plan for them and sent it over.”

She does refer to him as her boyfriend, yes. They both have the same goals — they just want to basically get in shape, kind of shed a little bit, just have a healthier life, live a healthier lifestyle. They’re really taking this stuff pretty serious. They’re supposed to be going to the gym at least five times a week together. I’m not sure if all the time if they’re actually going together, but since Rob asked for that plan, I would assume that they would be, at least motivating each other.

On Snapchat the other day, she was on the elliptical and Rob was [there], I saw his feet on the ground. She was showing her legs moving and then you can see Rob’s feet in the background as well, encouraging her, which was pretty cool.”

Last month it was reported that Rob Kardashian was allegedly diagnosed with diabetes. Good luck, Rob!

Source: US Weekly

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