Just in case you missed it (which we highly doubt), Kanye West recently got into a Twitter feud with Wiz Khalifa, Wednesday (Jan. 27). The feud was started because Khalifa had a problem with Kanye renaming his album Waves.  After shouting out Max B and the “wave” originators, Kanye mistook the “K. K.” initials on Wiz’s profile to mean he was addressing his wife Kim and things went LEFT.

Kanye tweeted that the only reason Wiz had a child is because of him, and then their ex’ Amber Rose got into it and the rest was Twitter history.

Oddly, when TMZ caught up with Ye at LAX and Kanye seemed to have nothing more to say about the incident.

In the video, after exiting his car, paparazzi asked the Yeezus rapper if he went a little too hard on Wiz and if bringing up Wiz’s son was going to far. Kanye responded very curtly saying, “I said what I had to say, don’t ask me no more questions about it.”

Then later, in typical Kanye fashion, he asks the paparazzi his name and apologized. At least Ye apologized eventually, right?

Watch the video here.

With his new album, “Waves” coming on Feb. 11, this fight may be the perfect promo he needs.  Wiz also has a new project coming out… So, there’s that.

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