MmmhmmOhmyGod… If you’re a fan of Love & Hip Hop you have glued to the love circle that is Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly. If you’re not familiar let me quickly catch you up:

?Peter Gunz (of “Deja Vu” fame) was dating Tara Wallace for 13 years (after he cheated on his ex-fiancé with her).
?They have 2 sons under the age of 10.
?Peter Gunz was managing Amina Buddafly (of the group Black Buddafly) and was cheating on Tara with her.
?Amina and Peter secretly got married, while he was still living with Tara.
?Amina tells Tara, Tara smacks Amina. Tara destroys Peter’s belongings.
?Amina announces her pregnancy at the season 4 reunion.
?Peter takes Tara and their sons on vacation to the Bahamas just days before Amina gives birth.
?Amina and Peter’s relationship is strained, because he lied about the vacation with Tara.
?Tara is/was still sleeping with Peter.
?Peter moves Tara into the building he lives in with Amina.
?Amina tells Tara that her and Peter are still together and smacked Peter for lying to Tara.
?Tara has successfully went from side chick to main chick back to side chick.
?Amina is pregnant again.
?Peter goes missing, avoiding both Tara and Amina.
?Amina gets an abortion.
?Tara finds out she’s five months pregnant.
?Peter tries to restore his marriage with Amina.
?Tara tells Peter she’s pregnant and he’s concerned on how to tell his wife.

And now Amina is pregnant again.

At least that’s what Baller Alert is reporting. Yesterday the Love & Hip Hop reunion filmed in New York City and many people are confirming that Amina IS once again pregnant. This would be her second child with husband Peter Gunz, and this will be Peter’s 10th. Tara is due with Peter’s son very soon.

How exhausting… Check out the photo below, you can kinda see a bump.

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