Everyone is always looking for the next way to capitalize off of pop culture, especially off Twitter. I can’t believe it’s still free, because it’s full of endless hours of entertainment.

Anyway, TMZ is reporting that a T-shirt company called We Own Your Kids have turned Kanye’s epic rant into a hustle:

Five dudes are making serious bank off the Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa war by turning the epic Twitter feud into fashion.
We Own Your Kids, a T-shirt company that puts Twitter beef on T-shirts, was just in its idea phase Wednesday when Kanye unleashed his Twitter commandments on Wiz.
A few hours after the feud went viral the company started printing shirts with 2 standouts — “You Let A Stripper Trap You” and “I Own Your Child!!!!” 24 hours later, 80% of the first batch of 500 were sold.
The shirts go for $25 a pop … do the math and that’s $10k, minus costs.
No word if they’re going to put Amber Rose’s tweet on a tee, but if they do it’d be a sure sellout.

These guys aren’t the first to do this, Esty is full of merchandise based of celebs. Hopefully Kanye won’t try to legally come at these guys like Beyoncé did an Esty shop last year.

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