After having an incredible 2015 from going on tour with Madonna to Kendrick, Rejjie came to the states to open up for Rich The Kid during the #YoungHustleTour. Snow spoke a bit about his upcoming album and New York City experience. Rejjie said New York is actually his favorite place in the world, Brooklyn to be exact, and he’s down to get married and live here! Rejjie Snow actually got his name from an NY artist, Dash Snow.

He also said how he doesn’t do any drugs and barely drinks, regardless of how the rap game is influenced by it so much nowadays. Snow’s musical influences growing up were Al Green, Wu-Tang, and MF Doom, yet lately you can catch him bumping the latest Adele! Rejjie also gave some great advice on the haters:

“People would say shit, but then I just did my own thing. I didn’t really listen to what people would say. If you listen to that then it just gets you down and you don’t progress.”

It’s also really important for him to sit down and write his music, rather than just freestyle off the top of his head.. If you haven’t checked out one of his dope music videos you definitely should since they aren’t average! He revealed that he is the creative mind behind his videos, since he says it’s all artists have nowadays since people don’t take that much time to get into records like they used to. Here’s the video for his song “Blakkst Skn”:

Also, not trying to break hearts but Kayla in his song “Kayla’s Freestyle” is in fact a definite real person! Be sure to be on the look out for Rejjie Snow in 2016 since he is working on his debut album, which will have no features and just be all Rejjie. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram, and check out some photos from the show below:

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(Photos by BeZ)

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