On Tuesday (Jan 26.) 300 Entertainment’s Young Hustle Tour stopped in New York City at the notorious SOBs where legends are made. The line up is full of recent signees of Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles’ 300 Entertainment, while you may not know their names yet, you’ve heard their songs on the radio or even being used on a skit/challenge for Vine and Instagram.

Nevertheless, Cohen and Liles saw something special in each and every person selected for that tour and last Tuesday was their night to prove it to an NYC crowd who were believed to be too saditty to swag surf. It was an extremely tough crowd.

Dutchboy from Jersey was up first, and believe me it’s not easy being first. Many believe that he’s the next to blow from the Garden State following the extreme commercial success of Fetty Wap last year. Dutchboy has flow and a very versatile catalog. His stage presence needs a little work, but you can clearly see the potential for growth.
Rejjie Snow, there’s something special about him. His aura gives off an amazing glow. He knows how to work the stage, the ENTIRE stage. Left, right, front and back. An art that is lost among rappers, especially in smaller venues. His dimple in his left cheek caught the attention of the girls, his lyrics grabbed the crowd’s heart. He’s taken the time to perfect his craft, it’s evident in the way he spits. After the end of his set, I overheard a convo after his set where people said he was dope to be from Ireland and I have to disagree. He’s dope period. Check out his exclusive interview with us here.
Tate Kobang reps Baltimore and Baltimore reps him. Some may deem as crazy, but that’s what makes him unique. He’s all over the stage, he has crazy energy, it’s contagious so the crowd has no choice but to get hyped with him. His viral hit “Bank Rolls,” he hates it (read that interview here) but it’s fine. He clearly knows what the fans what from him and he executes his other material well. The few people from Baltimore in the crowd were proud of him, cheering and taking pictures, smiling from ear to ear. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

The dynamic duo of TK N Cash has songs with Ty Dolla $ign, August Alsina and label mate Young Thug. They’re here for the party and there’s no denying that. They ran through a few of their buzz singles, including “3x N A Row,” that lead to an awkward exchange between them and a young lady in the crowd, (I told y’all this audience was bourgeois) but considering this was their first time performing at SOBs, they had fun. That’s the important part.

Rich The Kid, dabbing extraordinaire ran on stage to spread his dabbing fever. His energy was on 10, even after releasing 2 new songs within, 48 hours, he’s performing and dabbing with Young Thug cheering him on, on the side of the stage. Rich performed as if he had something to prove. Whatever it was, he proved it. He showed up and showed out, clearly the crowd’s favorite of 300 Entertainment. When he was done with his set, he didn’t go down to the green room or leave. He sat off to the side of the stage and became a fan. He supported everyone who came on after him by watching their performances. That says something about him as a person and an artist. He wasn’t too cool for school, although he could be arguably the most popular artist on this tour. He supported his family. That was dope.

T-Wayne brought an energy like no other. He was there to prove that he was much more than the viral song “Nasty Freestyle” that put him on the map in the first place. He had the crowd once he said: “First, let me hop out the motherf***kin’ Porsche…” I didn’t experience the crowded venue be on tilt until he hopped on the stage. It was the perfect way to end the night, no one wanted to leave.

The Young Hustle Tour is a brotherhood. 300 Entertainment put this tour of signees together not only to showcase their talents but to show that the label is so much more diverse than Migos and Young Thug. These rising stars showed a tough NYC crowd that they are here for the long haul and can’t be, won’t be stopped.

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