T-Wayne recently rapped up Rich The Kid’s show on the #YoungHustleTour and stopped to have a few words and let us know just know who he is and what he’s about. After going viral and making a platinum hit off his “Nasty Freestyle,” and getting signed by both 300 Entertainment and 1017 Records, he has big things coming this year. Not only has he created a new dance entitled “Swing My Arms,” the Texas rapper is working on a few mixtapes to be released soon, and then a debut album also.

T-Wayne went on to say how growing up he was always around music since his mom was in the church choir, and his dad a DJ. His mom actually wanted him to be a Christian rapper since the rap game has gotten a bit dangerous and one of his close friends got shot, but that just wasn’t his steez. Either way, he always had her support.

As for 2016, be sure to be on the lookout for his latest releases by following him on Twitter and Instagram, and for now check out his Dabbin Remix he recorded in none other than Times Square!:

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