According to Google, the definition of blackface is: 

The makeup used by a nonblack performer playing a black role. The role played is typically comedic or musical and usually is considered offensive.

One Serena Williams fan at the Australian Open decided to take that definition and, I guess, “look like Serena.” We are not really sure what her reasoning was, but she sure got a lot of recognition on Twitter for her appearance.

Here are some responses to that tweet:

 Apparently this isn’t the first time that Serena, blackface and tennis have all been linked to each other. This past summer during Wimbeldon, Serena was asked a question about tennis fans using blackface to honor Australian tennis player, Nick Kyrgios. Surprisngly, no one thought much of the matter.

Serena won her semifinals match against Agnieszka Radwanska at the Australian Open and is set to have a match against Angelique Kerber in the finals today.

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Source: Complex

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