Thanks to the on-going debate on whether or not Kanye “stole” the wave from Max B, it has sparked unfamiliar hip-hop fans to research him and old fans to scream “Free Max B” even louder.

The Harlem rapper has been behind bars since 2009 on a 75-year bid for a botched robbery, and he’s taking advantage of this attention to work in his favor.

“I’m truly flattered by all the emulations. Thnks for the love&support,” Max tweeted (via a handler) earlier this week at the height of the controversy. “Lets stay positive. My petiton is available on”

The petition to pardon Max (one of many over the last several years) is now live, and has to collect 100k signatures by March 1 to go in front of President Obama.

Max worked with tons of producers and videographers before going to jail, and they’re now combining that footage to create a documentary due to drop the same day as Kanye West’s album Waves on Feb. 11. You can peep the trailer below.

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