New evidence has surfaced involving the fatal October 2014 shooting of 17 year old, Laquan McDonald.

In an investigation by DNAinfo Chicago show that Officer Jason Van Dyke had purposely damaged the audio to his dash-cam managing to never sync his mic to the device. The discovery was made in an act to bring astonishing information to light.  Van Dyke’s tampering is one among a least 1,800 incidences where Chicago police tampered with their dash-cam and it’s audio failing to present the entirely of routine stops and events that occur out in the field. This data damages the credibility of the entire Chicago police department.

The in-depth report also shows logs where this is not the only incidence the officer maliciously damaged his dash-cam and it’s audio. The intentional damaging caused multiple occasions where his vehicle had to be repaired. On this particular day of the shooting the audio failed to be picked up in the squad car of Van Dyke as well as the squad car next to him. In fact the footage that was released came from an opposite police car that was on the scene. The study done by DNAinfo concluded that ‘human error’ accounts for 80% of officer dash-cam videos lacking audio.

Police spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi went on the record to say, “To boil this down, the police department will not tolerate officers maliciously destructing equipment.”

President Obama also expressed his sentiment on the ordeal saying, “I was deeply disturbed.”

The Cop Who Killed Laquan McDonald Had Broken His Dashcam On Purpose

Van Dyke’s arrest and charge of first-degree murder came a week after the graphic video’s release in November. The horrific sight shows McDonald being shot to death sixteen times. However, he is currently out on bond.

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