At the same time in which Drake released “Summer Sixteen“, Meek released his new EP 4/4.  The crazy thing about this is that Drake dissed Meek on “Summer Sixteen” and Meek dissed Drake on “War Pain” rapping about the very same scenario. Strange, right?

Here is what Meek said on “War Pain“:

“Location, Toronto, status — five star hotel, Four Seasons
Them chumps right upstairs, they know not to come up here playin’ no real n*ggas
Mu, I’m still up countin’ five hundred thousand cash
Nicki in the bedroom sleep, life is good.”

As a reminder, here is what Drake said on “Summer Sixteen“:

“I’m just a sicko a real sicko when you get to know me, n*gga. I let the diss record drop you were standing right below me, n*gga
We must have played it a hundred times, you was going to bed.”

Meek for the win? Possibly. At least we know it wasn’t another L. People are wondering how Meek knew what Drizzy was working on but we all know there are moles in the industry, so somebody must have found out and tipped Meek off. Meek joked on Instagram that Drake’s ghostwriter told him.

Regardless of whoever told who, this makes things a whole lot more interesting. This is the type of response from Meek we have all been waiting for.

Stream 4/4 below.

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