Looks like that truce was short-lived. Chris Brown and his daughter’s mother, Nia Guzman, are at odds once again!

For her latest attempt at getting more money out of Chris, Nia is now claiming that he’s the reason baby Ro has developed asthma, attributing it to the second-hand smoke from his weed and cigarettes. In newly-filed legal documents, Nia says that when Royalty comes back from Chris‘ house, she “reeks” of smoke, and now she’s worried that Chris is abusing drugs and has relapsed.”

Nia’s asking to restrict Chris’ visitation, and force him to hire a full-time nanny, take random drug tests and prohibit him from using drugs or consuming alcohol around Royalty. Oh, and she still wants her child support upped from $2500 a month to $16k a month, despite the last ruling.

Chris has since responded on Instagram, shooting down the claims and acknowledging that it is yet another money-grab.

From the desk of #chrisbrown…..

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