Snoop Dogg performed at the “Flint Lives Matter” concert in Detroit, Michigan over the weekend, as well as met with the mayor of Flint, Karen Weaver.

Snoop wanted to get a better understanding of the  water crisis in Flint and devoted his time to help the city.

The rapper said:

“I have a lot of information to take back to my celebrity friends and people around the world who want to help, but mainly we’d like the governor to step up and do what’s necessary to make sure Flint is taken care of.”

Mayor Weaver said that Snoop Dogg is invested in helping to solve the water crisis.

“What I appreciated is he wanted to get a thorough understanding about how long this has been going on and what’s been happening.He came and just wanted to sit down and talk about what’s been going on in Flint,” Weaver said.

Snoop’s reasoning for reaching out to the people of Flint is that “we do have ties, we’re people.”

Snoop Dogg is lending his hand to the city of Flint in a major way.

Posted by on Monday, February 1, 2016


Source: The Root

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