This past summer Vince Staples, Long Beach native dropped his debut album, Summertime ‘06, off Def Jam Records. With his fierce flow, innate ability to speak the truth, all combined with his “controversial” Twitter feed, Staples has with no surprise blown up ever since.

Today, he released his newest video off the album for “Lift Me Up.” Directed by David Helman and Dustin Lane, the video perfectly mimics the eerie yet relaxing sounds of waves crashing on an early Long Beach morning, abruptly, yet typically awoken with gunshots. Creating a needed place in rap, Staples rips into countless conflicts all at once, “Fight between my conscious, and the skin that’s on my body. Man I need to fight the power, but I need that new Ferrari.”

Easily a standout track on the album, the video takes us into Vince Staples’ Long Beach mindset, raising him up above his neighborhood in all its glory – a war zone of darkness, survival, and irony. The quick changing camera shots keeps us focused, and entranced in the lyrics which speak to the ills of the rap game, gang life, racism, and the weight to balance it all.

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