In the wacky and insane world of reality tv, there is plenty room for one more Kardashian show, evening if it is at the expense of the one lone male Kardashian and his new girlfriend. The internet went ablaze once word got out that Blac Chyna is dating Rob Kardashian. We all know the history of the Blac Chyna and the Kardashian/Jenner clan, being that Rob younger sister is dating Chy ex-boyfriend and baby father Tyga. But adding Rob to this mix is all so interesting.

Since word broke about their love, Rob has been kicked out of sister Khloe house, Chyna has been arrested for public intoxication and momma Jenner has been trying to clean up and talk sense into Rob. If this don’t scream messy TV then what else does?

For Rob getting a show shouldn’t be much of a problem, Rob is under contract with the E! for KUWTK. Mom/manager Kris Jenner who holds a lot of influence up at the network is not happy with the idea of a show that features Rob and Chyna. If E! don’t pick the show up, Rob can have the freedom to shop the show around.

Let’s keep our eyes and ears open as the drama unfold.

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