A lot of people may think New York City has lost its’ No. 1 spot, but showcases like “Hot 97s Who’s Next Live” shine a light on the up and coming talent who are ready to put that notion to rest.

Last week, Wordsmiff, G Mim$, Cosgrove, The Fraternity, Phresher and Qu’ality got a chance to perform on the legendary SOB’s stage to perform at an event led by Hot 97’s own Scottie Beam.  The BlameEbro team was there and was able to sit down with a few artists, including 26-year-old Brooklyn native Wordsmiff  before he got on stage.

Check out what he had to say.

BlameEbro: So, who is Wordsmiff?

Wordsmiff: Wordsmiff is a person who is a person who in love with the art that is what Hip Hop is… I love music. I’m in love with the craft.

BE: Is this your first time performing at SOB’s?

Wordsmiff:  This isn’t my first time performing at SOB’s, I actually opened up for Reakwon before but they asked me to come tear down the stage.

BE: What does it mean to you, to be here today?

Wordsmiff: This is a combination of everything I worked for and everything I been through. This is different for me it’s truly a blessing.

Next, we were able to catch up with Qu’ality, who grew up all over New York City.

BlameEbro: Where are you from?

Qu’ality: It’s complicated. I lived all over New York City. I lived in every borough except Staten Island. I would consider Harlem home, I spent 15 years in Harlem and I spent the last six years in Brooklyn.

BE: You had a great performance. You’re a great performer. How where you able to change your clothes so quickly before you verse started?

Qu’ality: It actually wasn’t as smooth as I practiced it. My hat was snapped to my DJ’s bag and it wasn’t supposed to be. So I had to make it work.

BE: You started to get a little emotional at the end of your performance. What does this moment mean to you?

Qu’ality: Everybody that you heard in there and everybody that you may have saw in there. We’ve been waiting for this and we’ve we been working for this very moment for a long time. They saw the future and my potential way before I did. So I get emotional when I see the same people who have been rocking with me. My favorite part about doing music is performing; the best part is going on stage and showing off. It’s just a feeling it get when I’m up there. No matter what happens that day, I can’t control it that’s just me.

Be sure to follow @hot97 on Instagram to make sure you are in the building at the next event.  Congrats to the team.

Wordsmiff: https://soundcloud.com/word-smiff

Qu’ality: https://soundcloud.com/qualityofficial

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26, Bronx NYC.

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