The historic Iowa Caucus last night played out as interestingly as the entire Presidential Race thus far.

For starters, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton came in so close to a tie that the Democratic party has yet to declare an official winner. Even though Hillary’s team had initially declared a win, though the Democratic officials shut that party down, saying that Bern had actually tied. Some serious number crunching/counting will have to be done in order to declare on official winner.

On the Republican side of things, Ted Cruz trumped Donald Trump, receiving  27.7%. Second place went to Donald Trump, with Jeb Bush coming in dead last.

Twitter had a field day with memes mocking Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, who decided to suspend his campaign after receiving a mere 1.8% of the vote.  Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee also decided to throw in the towel.

About The Author Samantha Callender

Samantha Callender is a multimedia journalist whose work ranges from entertainment journalism to pieces highlighting social issues in multicultural communities. Samantha strives to find intersects between entertainment and social matters, believing that pop culture has the power to not only entertain the masses, but to educate them as well. Her goal when storytelling is to write pieces that serve as a catalyst to prompt dialogue and activism. Her work can be seen on VIBE, The Source, Jet Magazine, The Root, and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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