In case you missed the already infamous photo, Tuesday morning both Kim and Amber took a quick selfie together and posted it to their instagrams. This one, to be exact:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.08.18 PM

The photo broke the internet because just last week they all went off on Twitter when Wiz dissed Kanye for his Waves titled album, and then Kanye took shots at Wiz and Amber’s child. Amber went off on Kanye then, calling him a #FingersInThebootyAssB*tch!

Apparantly, according to a source Kim Kardashian was the one that wanted to put an end to this beef and hit up Amber to squash it all together. The source also went on to say:

“At the club Amber was bragging to friends what a mature thing Kim did. Kim called her up and invited her to her mom’s house to talk. They squashed all beef and they really got along. Amber thinks Kim is great.”

Wondering what Blac Chyna thinks about all of this.. Let’s see if Rob, Kim and Amber all hangout sometime!


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