As Soundcloud continues to grow as a streaming service, their newest feature is set to make it easier for users to find new music.

Yesterday (Feb. 2), SoundCloud announced the debut of its new stations function. The function is similar to the radio function on other streaming services. SoundCloud says that it is “simplifying the functionality and making the recommendations even better.”

Soundcloud Now Has A Deal With 20,000 Independent Record Labels

Here’s SoundCloud’s description of how the stations function will work.

A station can be generated from any track, search term, content stream or your Collection. Pull up the menu from any one of those four and select the “Start Station” option. We’ll pull from the 100 million plus tracks on SoundCloud to bring you an endless stream of awesome audio.
Once you find a few stations you like, you can access them at any time in your Collection, along with your Likes and Playlists. Now, never-ending listening based on your favorite tracks is always just a few taps away. Lean back and enjoy.

Soundcloud And Universal Group Come Up With Licensing Agreement

Soundcloud Is just getting started. Over the last year they’ve set up distributions with a few labels and introduced ads. They are preparing to launch a paid subscription service sometime this summer.

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