The Zika virus, which started in Central and South America, has officially landed stateside.

There has been over 31 confirmed reports of the virus in the U.S which has been deemed as “travel related”. According to reports, Zika is being spread via sexual contact.

The Center for Disease Control has confirmed in a statement that the first non travel related U.S Zika case was transmitted sexually, “A person who recently traveled to an area with Zika virus transmission returned to the United States and developed Zika like symptoms. The person later tested positive for Zika, along with their sexual partner, who had no traveled to the area.”

The CDC has not confirmed wether the Zika virus is transmitted sexual or not. There is no vaccine or medicine to combat Zika so people are being urged to stay away from mosquitos. People are also being asked to practice safe sex since Zika being transmitted sexually is still a possibility.

Pregnant women are the most at risk for Zika. The virus is said to cause shrinking of the brain in infants.

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