On a rainy, but an unseasonably warm night in NYC many fans, friends and “industry folks” gathered in NYC to hear the new album by Wiz Khalifa simply titled Khalifa. Eddie George, Micheal Strahan, DJ Carmilo and Busta Rhymes were just a few in attendance to show their support for Wiz.

Supporting Sebastian's Dad at his #Khalifa Album Listening Party ??????????

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Amber Rose was definitely in the building. “Shout out to my baby mother,” Wiz said. By the end of the night they were booed up in a corner that was purposely blocked off by Wiz’s security so no one can snap pictures. There was food, booze and of course tons weed in the air, he even had his own tag on Snapchat! There was a tattoo artist doing tattoos in the back of the party, intriguing to watch for sure. While most blogs will post about Amber and Wiz partying together, we at Blame Ebro are going to give you 5 songs from the album to check out.

It’s hard to pick five, because sonically this album might be Khalifa’s best album.

1. “Most Of Us” – This seemed to be the favorite song among the women in the crowd.

2. “Zoney” (featuring Sebastian) Who doesn’t love a song that features the artist’s child? Hearing Sebastian say “Taylor Gang” was the most adorable thing ever.

3. “Bake Sale” (featuring Travis Scott) This collab has been long awaited by fans of both Scott and Khalifa and it didn’t disappoint at all.

4. “Make A Play” Let’s just say this song had a few people twisting from side to side and one guy putting his lighter with a 2ft flame in the air.

5. “iSay” (featuring Juicy J) Juicy and Wiz have yet to disappoint when they collab together. “iSay” is no different. The hook plays a homage to a Jodeci classic I think everyone will enjoy.

Again, it was hard to pick just 5, the entire album is dope. Preorder it on iTunes here and make sure you cop the album this Friday Feb. 5!

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