Future began building anticipation for his upcoming album via Twitter tweeting out messages such as “Sh!t about to get real in a few hrs” promising that it would happen at “midnight eastern” time and luckily for us, he followed through on his word.

Not only did he reveal the album title, a track listing, he also shared a new song, “In Abundance”. The song was produced by DJ Esco and Metro Boomin and was shared to the public via YouTube.

Along with the cover art, he reveled that the new album was tilted, EVOL, which he explained was “Love backwards”. Preorder for EVOL began at midnight.

If you really cant wait, Pitchfork reports that on Snapchat Future and DJ Khaled announced that Future will be a guest on DJ Khaled’s Beats 1 show, We the Best radio, on Friday to premiere his new album.

Future doesn’t seem to take much time off. He released DS2 last summer, What A Time To Be Alive with Drake in September and Purple Reign just last month.

Below is the EVOL track list as well as “In Abundance”, which doesn’t appear to be on the upcoming album.

EVOL Track List

  1. “Ain’t No Time”
  2. “In Her Mouth”
  3. “Maybach”
  4. “Xanny Family”
  5. “Lil Haiti Baby”
  6. “Photo Copied”
  7. “Seven Rings”
  8. “Lie to Me”
  9. “Program”
  10. “Low Life” featuring The Weeknd
  11. “Fly Shit Only”

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