Nate Parker’s new film Birth of a Nation is breaking records. In the mist of the uproar surrounding the Oscars diversity issue, Birth of A Nation could not have come at a better time.  Birth of a Nation is the story of Nate Turner, a slave who spearheaded a rebellion.   The film has not only won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize but also received the biggest distribution contract in Sundance history with Fox Searchlight paying $17.5 million to rights of the film.

“This is a win for independent filmmakers and independent film, and it’s a blow against white supremacy and racism,” said Parker, the film’s writer, director,producer, and star. “I don’t know if Fox Searchlight recognizes what an amazing thing they did. They sent a message to everyone who says studios don’t want to recognize African-American films, African-American filmmakers, or African-Americans in the lead of films.”

Reportedly, the film is said to qualify has a contender for Best Picture. There are a of number of black films set to be released in 2016 such as Race that tells the story of the Olympian, Jesse Owens starring Stephan James.  Also Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis film, Miles Ahead will be released this April. Hopefully due to the Oscars 2016 outrage and the well deserved success of films like Birth of a Nation can influence the Oscars to recognize a more diverse set of nominees for years to come.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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