Science has confirmed that the “Resting B*tch Face” is a real thing. That means that the next time you use it as an excuse, you will be justified. Thank you science.

You know a RBF when you see one. Although the RBF is most commonly referred to as something women do, Kanye is single handily dispelling that rumor. According to Noldus, new studies show that the RBF is definitely a real thing and not just something we made up.

The first step was to identify what makes a face bitchy. To figure it all out, Noldus took expressionless faces and plugged them into a facial recognition software that analyzes faces for several different emotions including fear, surprise, happiness, sadness, disgust, contempt and “neutral”.

According to The Washington Post, about only 3% of truly neutral faces registered tiny bits of emotion. When researches put the faces of celebrities that have been known to suffer from RBF, the number of non-neutral emotions doubled to 6%. This proves that the RBF is real and has absolutely nothing to do with the way people emotionally feel about one another.

Now that we know the RBF is real, we hope they never find a cure.

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