First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at a “Media with Purpose” panel in New York City earlier this week to discuss media platforms and  power of social media. She also spoke about her “Let Girls Learn” initiative. Also in attendance were actresses Julianne Moore and Lena Duhnam, who also talked about media platforms and awareness on social issues. The first lady said that social media is evolving in the ways it connects and reaches the public. She mentioned that the next “first spouse” of the White House will have to adapt and utilize these platforms to communicate on social media. “If Eleanor Roosevelt were alive today, I’m sure she would have a Twitter account in addition to her radio program, because that’s how you communicate these days. I’m pretty sure that the next administration, the next first spouse, if they want to be effective in communication- oh you caught that,” as the audience laughed and applauded. She said, “The world is big and interesting, but the next first spouse is gonna have to figure out how to connect with the audiences they are trying to connect with. Who knows what the new platforms will be in the years to come. She also gave advice to the youth to be careful of what they put on social media.  When you put something out in the world, it lasts. And you can’t really take it back that easily. You have to be responsible. Rarely do you hear me, as my husband, would say, ‘pop off’ on social media,” she said.

In what could be an interesting bit of foreshadowing, Michelle Obama refers to her successor as the “First Spouse.”…

Posted by NewsOne on Thursday, February 4, 2016


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